"Loft always produces outstanding results and that's why we work with them time and time again."


Ross McTaggart, Marketing Executive, Paymentsense.





Paymentsense were a disruptive startup, operating in the payments sector, with one simple ambition:


To take market share from big banks, by offering a much better service at a much better price. 


In order to do so, they had to:


  1. Recruit the best talent and develop an outstanding sales force. 

  2. Let merchants know about them and convince them to adopt their services.


Over a period of about five years, Loft Films helped Paymentsense achieve their goals by producing a vast number of videos that became an essential tool for the company’s growth.


These include:


  • Customer testimonials, where merchants told their story and how using PS services helped them save thousands of pounds.

  • Corporate promos, where PS employees were given a voice to talk about the company culture and its many qualities.

  • Recruiment and training videos, where the management team could communicate to new starters and prospective employees about the history of the company and what to expect when taking a job there.

  • Product Explainers, where key benefits of their proprietory software and other processes could be explained to staff and potential investors.

  • Christmas and Conference videos, which helped to promote the success of staff members to others in the company while providing amusement and entertainment value at internal events and to customers.

  • Web commercials, to promote specific new products in an engaging way.


Paymentsense has grown exponentially and as of 2017, is a very profitable, market leading company that has won several awards and attracted investment.

They continue to expand with the help of Loft Films as their video content partner.

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